Response.redirect after 5 seconds

2020-02-19 17:38

After visitors sign either our guestbook or contact form, I show them a simple thank you page. I'd like to make the thank you page display for two or three seconds, then automatically bounce to the homepage (or anywhere else, for that matter). How do I do thisSep 08, 2008 Hey guys. Well, I would like to know, first, imagine that someone accesses from the address the page Logoff. aspx, and I want to have a kind of variable that checks if user is logged or not, if it is, it disconnects him, and redirects him to the main page of the website after 5 secs. response.redirect after 5 seconds

Redirection after some time delay in asp. net using c# Let's have a look over these methods. 1) It will redirect user to yourpage2. aspx after 5 seconds. This AddHeader() function takes two Parameters. First one is HeaderName which is a string indicating the name of the new header. The second parameter is HeaderValue which is a string that

I want my page to show the information and after a few seconds it redirect to another page. I have the following code in jscripts try to solve the problem: Response. Write( my information ); asp problem with delay before redirect Nov 25, 2008  I have a page. If I click a button on this page to perform some operation, I am showing a message after this operation. I want my page should redirect to another page after 5response.redirect after 5 seconds Oct 14, 2012 Here I will explain how to redirect to another page after 5 seconds or some time delay in JavaScript. Description: In previous articles I explained JQuery display Current Time on WebPage, JavaScript display current time on asp. net webpage,

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Response.redirect after 5 seconds free

Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to automatically redirect to another page after some delay of say 5 or 10 seconds in ASP. Net. There are situations when you want to redirect the user to a certain page after certain amount of time interval in other words delayed redirection your asp. net web application. In that case you can take help of the Refresh Meta tags. response.redirect after 5 seconds Redirects a client to a new URL. Examples. The following example uses the IsClientConnected property to check whether the client that is requesting the page remains connected to the server. If IsClientConnected is true, the code calls the Redirect method, and the client will view another page. If IsClientConnected is false, then the code calls the End method and all page processing is Redirect After Delay. I have an asp page that calls a sendmail. asp page which displays something like thank you for your request . I want the sendmail. asp to show for 35 seconds and then redirect back to the index. htm page. I want to direct a user after so many seconds. Is there a way to do this with Response. Redirect? Nov 02, 2007 How to automatically redirect a page after 5 seconds. Hi. . I want to redirect a page automatically after 5 seconds to another page. . Eg: when the user clicks the logout button he will be redirected to logout page and after 5 seconds I want to redirect him to loginpage again. . How can I able to do this using c# . . I wrote code Response. Redirect