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Aug 16, 2019 The biggest difference is: you can use abstractstaterouter with whatever templatingcomponent library you like. It is similar in that way to the new uirouter, except that abstractstaterouter is smaller, its documentation is more readable, and it is easier to create new renderers for arbitrary view libraries.Angularjs uirouter. How to redirect to login page. I have 4 states: dashboard, dahboard. main, dashboard. minor, login. dashboard is abstract and it is a parent state for. minor and. main states. ui router redirect abstract state

Oct 11, 2013 I'm using uisref to go to an abstract state (like client) and depending on the default child state (client. details) redirection to happen. When clicking the link that the uisref generates, the state change and subsequent redirect all work great, but that same error is thrown in the console.

This is a spot for you to store inherited state metadata. Child states' data object will prototypally inherit from their parent state. This is a good spot to put metadata such as requiresAuth. . Note: because prototypal inheritance is used, changes to parent data objects reflect in the child data objects. Care should be taken if you are using hasOwnProperty on the data object. Prototypally inherits from Note: This is the only field on the StateDeclaration which is mutated. The definition object's data field is replaced with a new object which prototypally inherits from the parent state definition's data field.ui router redirect abstract state UI Router: redirect to child state when navigating to abstract parent state. One of the toplevel states, called library, is abstract and has child states (which are navigable using tabs). Since I am using an ngrepeat, the abstract state has a directive of uisref library . However, it's not possible to navigate to an abstract parent state like

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Sep 15, 2017  First, add a property to the state of abstract: true. This isn't required, but you want to set this since you'd never go to this state directly, you'd always go to one of it's child states. Then do one of the following: Give the state an empty URL. This will make it match the same url as it's parent state url, because it appends nothing to the ui router redirect abstract state An abstract state can never be directly activated. Use an abstract state to provide inherited properties (url, resolve, data, etc) to children states. This subsystem implements the uirouter state tree. The StateService has staterelated service methods such as: StateService. get: Get a registered StateDeclaration object; StateService. go: Transition from the current state to a new state; StateService. reload: Reload the current state Jul 31, 2014 An abstract state with default substate could potentially have navigable filled in with the default substateparams. This is easy to implement, as long as the default substate is statically defined. Then, if a uisref to an abstract state is generated, the href would point to the substate. Jan 16, 2019 Deep State Redirect (DSR) is a marker you can add to a state definition. When a child state of the DSR marked state is activated, UIRouter Extras remembers the child and its parameters. The mostrecentlyactivate child is remembered no matter where the user navigates in the state tree.