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Aug 17, 2016  This is perfect thank you. I was wondering if I have to worry about code injection since User can type whatever they want in the message. Eric Kim Jul 28 '12 at 19: 37Oct 31, 2007 Show alert message when value changes; URGENT Show message and redirect to a page; Calendar Control to show more then one month; Popup Question: on popup have one button to close and another to close and then redirect to another page; wait 5 seconds, then redirect; setting cookie then redirect problem html alert then redirect

i have referred to this two questions call php page under Javascript function and Go to URL after OK button in alert is pressed. i want to redirect to my index. php after an alert box is called. my

7 Answers. The problem with putting it into a startupscript is that the startupscript is run on postback, not real time. The redirect will happen before the postback. (possibly) The other solution of course is to put the redirect into the startupscript code. The page will post back, the script will run and then it will redirect. how to display a message before redirect. is not workinghtml alert then redirect I need to make sure that when the user clicks OK in a JavaScript alert window, the browser moves to a different URL. Is this possible? Redirect to a pageURL after alert button is pressed. 0. Alert Box: click ok then pop up a new broswer window to another website, How?

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Sep 18, 2007 The alert pauses execution until the user hits ok at which point location. href will be changed to Home. aspx which works just like a redirect. There are probably cleaner ways to handle this functionality (like registering a script to the script manager over setting the text of a label), but this will work as you are intending. html alert then redirect message The message to be displayed in the JavaScript Alert Message Box url URL of the page or website when the user will be redirected once he clicks OK button script The JavaScript code that will display the Alert Message Box and then redirect. Redirect to other page on alert box confirm [duplicate Ask Question Have you searched the Google for javascript redirect ? Blender Sep 25 '12 at 22: 22. (amazing what i missed a year ago). . this function shows a confirmation of an action then redirects to specific location. . redirects can be