301 v 302 redirect

2020-02-19 16:23

Creating a 301 redirect requires special commands in your. htaccess file if you use an Apache server. With Windows servers, creating 301 takes even more time and trouble. Thats why theres a tendency for people to mistakenly use 302 instead of 301. Google recognizes that many people use 302 when they really mean 301.Mar 27, 2019  301 vs. 302 redirects. Confused about which one to use? Youre not the only one. Even in 2019, website owners are unclear about which type of redirect is best for SEO. At its simplest, a 301 v 302 redirect

Sep 15, 2007 301 redirects can be very powerful when you redesign your site and the URLs change, move to a different domain, acquire a new domain, or implement a URL rewrite. In most cases, this is the type of redirect you want to use because you know exactly how the search engines will respond. 302 Redirects The three major engines handle 302 redirects

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